The Centsables



This mangy manipulator has a bone to pick with the Centsables: they’re standing between him and his schemes to fetch a fortune. He and his gang of fiendish fleas will never roll over until this dog has his day.


Green with envy, and greedy beyond measure, this coinpulsive conniver has invented a ray gun that turns anything he’s catching into ka-ching. Even the most outrageous plots make perfect cents for this maniacal money-grubber.


This mini-mastermind is a towering threat, who is bent on cutting everyone in Centsinnati down to size. He and his nefarious nanny are ga-ga for gadgets that threaten to deliver destruction to all.


She’s a nurturer on the surface, but underneath, this cunning caregiver cares only for her own self-interests. She’s prim, proper, and packing a purse-ful of devious devices to enforce the will of her young ward – while warding off the efforts of the Centsables.


This wimpy wannabe has decided to make a change – NOT for the better. He’s horned in on Toro-nado’s territory. But the pseudo-Centsable has donned more than a costume – he has taken on a hero’s responsibility. And his shape-shifting shenanigans are causing a transformation in Centsinnati’s security.


Talk about inflation! After an accidental dip in a vat of super serum, this metallic monster has grown from two-bits to ten tons, and is now prying Centsinnati apart for a preposterous purpose… while sending the citizens scrambling for safety.


This terrible-tempered tween puts the ‘fan’ in fanatic, and fear in the hearts of those unlucky enough to become the object of her obsession. She doesn’t know the meaning of the word share, but she knows many ways to get what she wants. Beware the fury of Fan Girl.


This audacious alley cat is determined to claw his way to the good life. Street-smart and constantly scheming, he’s dedicating all nine lives to perpetrating the purr-fect crime. And anybody who steps in to keep him from landing on his feet is hissss-tory.


After eons under the Egyptian sands, the Pharaoh-cious tyrant Knock-yer-noggin has awakened in Centsinnati. Reunited with the source of his power — the Amulet — he once again seeks to obtain absolute control over all citizens. And he’s about to take his pyramid scheme out from under wraps!


Once a sensational showman with the world at his feet, this maniacal magician’s new act is revenge. A powerful practitioner of prestidigitation, he is conjuring up a spellbinding payback for those who wronged him. And there’s plenty of tricks up his sleeve for anyone who tries to stop him.


One-half of an inter-dimensional duo, the Prince of Plastic is destined to eternally watch over the world from the realm of Plastopia, and determined to always best his better half, so he can charge toward Centsinnati, and wreak havoc on its carefully-charging citizens.


The city has been flooded with bogus bills, and the trouble is very real. Businesses are closing, citizens are panicking, but this perpetrator has set his sites on an even bigger target: the Bank of Centsinnati. Catching him is a priority – but catching sight of him is proving an impossibility.


The Automated Data Analysis Mainframe that runs Centsinnati’s network of ATMs has suffered a cosmic calamity. Now crazed cash machines are transacting terror upon the citizens, and each one of them is programmed to take Centsinnati to the eve of destruction.